13 April 2010

easter show and adrenaline junkies

we went to the Royal Easter Show today. it was my first time going as an adult. it was my first time at the new location at Olympic Park. it didn't really feel the same. i'm not sure whether this was because of the time lapse or the location. my gut feeling is that it's location- i reckon i can still harness much of the raw energy & exuberance of childhood!!! that old world- old skool feel just wasn't there at the new, somewhat sterile locale.

we did discover however that our 2 oldest kids are thrill seekers! they LURVED the rides and got progressively wilder and braver! we didn't need to go on any- we just sucked up their obvious enjoyment and delicious broad smiles! i'm sure the curly fries, flavoured milk & fairy floss really amped up the high for them too!