16 May 2010

my love affair with persimmon..

i have recently developed an unbridalled love for persimmon and all things persimmon! is it their amazing colour? is it their delectable taste? is it the way they brighten a cold, dead landscape in their luminous orb-like form, hanging like lanterns from bare branches? we ate quite a lot of persimmon in Korea. we had it super-soft & sensuous- with skins peeled back we ate it with a spoon, upturned onto lovely earthernware plates. we had it as dainty, frozen cubes accompanying exquisite, aromatic tea.
since our return, i have discovered black star pastry's persimmon danish (follow this link to read my review!). i have also sought a supplier to grown my own little tree.
my persimmon passion has also sent me looking for artworks celebrating this gorgeous fruit
oh sweet persimmon i love thee so xxx

3 May 2010

'berra & a spontaneous working bee***

After pumpkin soup and pumpkin scones (thanks Nick) the boys were biting at the bit to get outside where random play quickly turned into a spontaneous working bee in the garden. Our boys are missing a garden & getting dirt, and it was equally nice for me to dig my hands in the earth. We dug weeds, discovered cut worms, slaters and slugs and planted broad beans- not bad for an impromptu session! The creepy-crawlies became a tasty feast for the gorgeous resident magpies which warbled appreciatively for us. I always think babies first sing-song words are a bit like maggies harmonising! Speaking of new babes, we visited the beautiful Ngui family the next day & were delighted by little Norbu who is just divine with his eatable squishiness & outrageous lashes.

2 May 2010

we have a creative table...do you?

in our house we have a little side-board set aside to display things we've made or collected- like drawings, paintings, home-made cards, little ceramic pieces, shells & drift wood....
over easter we painted & decorated hand-blown eggs. mine & Na-Bi's were very jewel like- embellished with glitter & tiny crystals. Noah's were pasted with comic-book super heroes!
although we are not particularly religious we love the idea of ceremony & the coming together of family that such events bring. at Christmas time, the side-board housed our lovely sprayed twig-tree & advent calendar. over Tet (Viet new year) this year we will make paper lanterns and accompany them with some incense & some food offerings for our dearly departed.

currently the side-board houses some self-portraits, a papier-mache boat & a little ceramic lady-bird- hand-painted by Noah!
only the 'best of the best' vie for space on our old oak dresser;-) it is a special place where the children are always drawn to the ever-changing display. it is also a point of pride to have their creative endeavours displayed. so... do you have a special place to show off your handi-work?