22 July 2010

boys and their toys...

time to look back on the school holidays- which in hindsight flew by. we busied ourselves with museum visits, yum cha, parks, blockbusters (btw is there anything cuter than 3D glasses on kids!?- see left!), and a weekend trip to visit extended family. we busied ourselves with lego. Noah kept himself particularly busy nearly every day making adjustments and readjustments to a new lego car. he hotted it up with fenders, spoilers and other fancy wingy, showy bits I don't even have words for! in short, he created a vehicle which can only be described as 'fully sick mate'... dear god, what does my future hold!!?? see below for one version- albeit a fairly minimalist, restrained design ;-)
now, school is back & I am not happy about the return of the insane morning rush! sometimes it feels like a military drill. alright soldiers..."EAT", "DRESS", "TEETH", "SOCKS", "SHOES", "BAGS"....."QUICK MARCH". left, right, left, right.... I have a very rowdy & radical group of recruits too. certain to go MIA or AWOL during crucial manuovres!! we always seem to be 'that' family- straggling in just as the bell rings- usually with a shoe missing!

20 July 2010

of skirts & snails

I have been fiddling around with designing patterns for girls' skirts and then decided the best thing to do would be to make them 'big' first & see how they go. so i am chuffed to say that i made myself a skirt today. I LOVE the fabric- it is a vintage Gabrielle Cie screen-printed linen I found in a tiny op-shop in Newbridge for a song. it is a lovely robust fabric and the floral design so 70s in colour and design! it reminds me of passion-flowers. so, basic A-line down- now I have my blossom skirt, gypsy skirt and frill skirt to attempt! YAY xx

I also finished off a couple of bags today. one being this snail bag. still needs a bit of embellishment (maybe??), I just can't figure out what exactly that will be just yet. the colour here is terrible, it is actually the most scrummy limey-lettuce-y green.

13 July 2010

to launch, or not to launch, this is the question!

things have been moving along nicely. i have been both creative & productive. the school holidays have put a bit of a dampener on things, but i have still managed a teensy bit of progress. (lots of progress if you count building & re-building a lego car umpteen times, finally setting up wii sports for the kiddies (&playing!!!), school holiday menu plans & activities....)

right now my biggest stumbling block is knowing when to go 'live'- the perfectionist in me is SOOO not ready. the realist in me is saying- 'go for it, it will be a big motivator & don't worry about fine-tuning things until later'. i have been investigating packaging, web-hosting, competitors, markets, suppliers. it is keeping me awake at night. my mind has been buzzing & resisting rest. my mind is often want to resist rest!

going 'public' is always about 'exposure'. one puts oneself in a
vulnerable position. open to criticism- ohhhh, that's so hard to take- even though it's essential! one may also attract praise- equally complex & uncomfortable. my goodness- a compliment!?  there is so much beautiful 'stuff' available these days. is mine beautiful enough? is there room for more beautiful stuff? the material girl in me says 'yes, definitely yes'.

for now...more fine-tuning with a launch date (of some form or another) of August 1 at the latest. much to do, but deadlines have historically been my friend. please oh deadline, don't fail me now. yours truly, popChomsky xxxx

post script- just been looking at photos to post here & discovered what happens when your back is turned! my little models (aka my kids- 4 and 6 years old) took control of the camera & took pics of their butts!! i won't post here- but lots of chuckles ;-) what i will post is a very limited selection of things i've been making- hair bobbles (elastics or ties- whatever you want to call them!!)

6 July 2010

the bfg & my little ellyfunt!

we are reading the BFG. i read it numerous times as a youngster. it 
was a favourite and i am so enjoying sharing it with my little ones. it is so non-pc. that is its joy. we have just read about frobscottle & whizzpopping. we were doubled over with laughter. 
'read it again mummy'.... i read it again & again with much raspberry-making and more hilarity. it has been such a treat. it made me think how lovely it must have been in days gone by for the whole family to sit & share a novel! probably something much more gentile than this ;-)

dahl's writing is so absorbing for kids. it has also been absorbing for me...again. the adult innuendo within the children's narrative is great. the BFG's whimsical language is fabulous: 
"it is a flushbunking and a scrotty mistake to let the bubbles go upwards! if you can't see why, you must be as quacky as a duckhound! by ringo, your head must be so full of frogsquinkers and buzzwangles, I is frittered if I know how you can think at all!'
his is a language of bugwhiffles and crodscollop. phizz-whizzing   and hornswogglers. snozzcumbers and butteryflies.
he calls elephants 'ellyfunts', or some such thing. we laughed- 'how silly!?...this launched Noah into a gorgeous recitation of an ellyfunt song he has been learning in jellybeans music, and this in turn inspired Sebastian to parade around the house in the blue ellyfunt towel after his shower!
here he is, wrapped in soft blue towelling. my littlest ellyfunt is getting so big. his language is blossoming with such apt phrases as: 'don't like it, me'; 'that mine'; 'hey, that my mummy'. yes, his sense of possession is very pronounced- it has to be with big siblings! he is such a strong-willed little chap and yet he has the sweetest softest little voice!
those first jumbled words & sentences are so precious. the word connections and sense of self so sweet. it is somewhat sad to see all these little 'mistakes' ironed out as speech develops. it was a sad day, really, when fish stopped being 'shits'. it made for such good comic relief. 'look at all the shits mummy' Noah would say, pointing excitedly, 'BIIIIG shits!!!" 'I'm going to feed the shits'. i also secretly loved flowers and flags and flies being slowers and slags and slies. 'look at the big sly slying in the sky'!!!!!!!! 'shoo sly'. for Na-Bi there were amaloos (animals) and certain things were declared 'bisgusting'...d-d-d- bisgusting!
there is such a joy in reading the ridiculous made-up words of dahl & the BFG. not only does it make word jumbliness and language tom-foolery ok...it positively revels in & encourages it.  it has given Noah a renewed enthusiasm for his silly-speak of conk-conks & gloonkers- car parts of course! and it has made me remember the gorgeous pre-speech of my wee ones ;-)

4 July 2010

life's pursuit...

Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. 
Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. 
Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. 
Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so.
One day I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in my pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want more than all the world, your return.

-Mary Jean Iron

Some days we are so focused on whatever is grabbing (or demanding) our attention at the time- be it the newspaper, the housework, sewing, whatever- that we overlook the treasures right in front of us. There are many times when my little people play second fiddle to my own creative pursuits. These are times when 'I'll be there in a minute' or 'Not right now' or 'I'm busy at the moment'. I feel guilty to admit this. And when I read the above meditation, I felt sad as I know so deeply that this is such a truism. I recently looked back at a video of my 'big boy' and felt such a longing to hold this smaller, chubbier version of my child. In essence I missed him, even though he is still very much with me. These holidays I am going to try to be 'in the moment' as often as possible. This is something continually raised in the wonderful book Buddhism for Mothers. I will play cars, build lego, dig in the dirt, squish play-dough and ride the slippery dip! I will see the world through their eyes and rediscover such delights as dandelion clocks, clover chains, crispy dried worms (!!) and rose-thorn rhino horns! I will love my children & cherish each day with them. I will try not to yearn for some rare and perfect tomorrow xxx

3 July 2010

buttons, badges, busy-ness

been a busy bee! working my fingers to the bone making buttons & hair ties. it's really quite addicitive and i am very pleased with how they look (check out photos below). each little circle of fabric becomes like a miniature art work- framing a small 'snap-shot' of the design allows you to see your fabric in a different way each time. i like the look of them off centre, and so deliberately resist centring features! next i must decide how to display them...in shops they will be put onto card backing. but at the market, i like the idea of displaying them on vintage wooden rulers- i have already spied some i like!