31 August 2010

Spring in the air is putting a spring in my step!

wow-wee sydney siders! what an amazing taste of Spring!
the magnolias are magnificent, the air is warm and the trees are showing those first little signs of regeneration- in that amazing shade of eye-popping green! with all the gorgeous spring blooms in the air, I have made a good start with some projects long overdue. my outdoor, loungey chairs (sad little roadside finds) have been given a new burst of life courtesy of some amazing 'red chrysanthemum' Mexican oil-cloth! on the Mexican theme, I have gone completely OTT Frida Kahlo style with my outdoor Mex- bunting too! At $1 a pop for 3 offcuts, it was just begging for a new life;-)
 also on the agenda... handmade brooches. i have been busy hand-crafting some new pieces, though I must say that many find their way onto my jacket, thus bypassing the shop! in this weather, brooches are the perfect way to add a burst of colour to a light jacket or cardi- SO needed as the temperature plummets when the sun nods off.

i hope you enjoy the visuals to my lovely spring day (thus far). I have orders to fill & children to pick up. the race against the clock continues... if I'm lucky & the weather holds, perhaps my husband & I will christen the chairs with a mojito ;-)

30 August 2010

orange + tangerine + persimmon + rust= HOORAY!

everywhere i look i'm seeing orange at the moment. is it just me?
i'm not one to dwell on fashion week & the like, as i don't follow 'trends', but the good news for fellow orange lovers is that shades of persimmon, tangerine & rust are popping up all over the place.
just quietly celebrating ;-)
to me, orange is so reminiscent of autumn, the 70s, persimmon (!), pumpkin, calendulas, ochre, sunshine & warmth. all things i love.
the bad news is that every tween far & wide well be adding orange flourishes to their wardrobe. this is bound to have a negative effect...could it be possible to have an orange-overload? it is quite likely i will shun my orange this spring & wait until it is totally uncool again. i will however be lapping up all the loveliness while it lasts. it is not often orange gets a real look in!xx

27 August 2010

sweating the small stuff!

didn't someone write a book titled something like 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff'? yeah, I know...if I was truly interested I would google it. alas I am not. this is because I am LOATHING the small stuff at present.
all the washing to be done in a day! and good golly i am sick of socks & smalls. when there are five people in a house there are LOADS of socks and smalls. to add to my woes, 3 of those 5 are little ones making their smalls and socks even smaller & even fiddlier & very, very constant! this is not to mention all the little strays we seem to have at present- so many sad, lonely little socks widowed of their life partners.
then... there is cutlery. i am utterly tired of cutlery: teaspoons, dessert spoons, soup spoons, serving spoons, big forks, little forks, lovely silver dessert forks, butter knives, serrated knives, chopsticks....... AAAAAGH:-( I feel a bit guilty complaining here, as we do possess a dishwasher, but I am desperately sick of loading & unloading the cutlery drawer. for those dear people handwashing all these silvery irritations, I take my hat off to you.
LEGO. I love you so. I do. I will gladly sit & create when begged to play. I choose you over cars or playdough or trains anyday. BUT... why o why so many tiny finnickity little pieces? Why o why are you so hard to spot? How is it one stray piece can prevent an entire creation? How can such a little 'one-square' cause such a catastrophic melt-down? Why are you so infinitely palatable to toddlers?
Are you with me? Do you have any little grievances in your life!?

21 August 2010

annandale public school 'feteful day'

well, well, well... elections, close battles, politics... blah:-(
who wants to think about it honestly!? far better to spend the day chatting, drinking coffee and eating amazing treats made by so many beautiful mummies- and daddies ( i know at least 1)!
i had my first ever stall today at the APS 'feteful day' fete (this is where my little people school & it is a fab community place xx).
i shared the lovely retro booth with my gorgeous yorkshire mate karen. it was a good day, not least for some of the lovely people i met: sally & robert from 'flower daze', cath from prints charming (who i always rave about), and a sweet unknown from 'bubbaganush'- like me, this amazing mum has given her range a brand drawn from a funny little name she has for her wee one x
thank you so warmly to all who supported me today. it is my passion to create, up-cycle and re-purpose fabric & found things and your positive feedback filled my creative 'well'! some fabulous women acquired some popChomsky pieces and this was such a compliment as i *DIG* your style- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! xxx

13 August 2010

annandale *fabric hub*

it is so exciting to see new fabric shops arriving within a stones throw of my house...YAY!!! in addition to the gorgeous prints charming with their divine hand screen-printed cottons & linens, and to-die-for embroidery panels. in addition even to the glorious candy-shop that is quiltsmith (i NEVER have enough time to browse thoroughly with little people & their little fingers in tow!) 

NOW....(drumroll please) there is ben elke with his me too please store. it is slap-bang on my pre-school drop-off route. highly convenient. hugely dangerous!!! the frida kahlo-esque range is begging for summer & i am going to attempt to cover my latest street finds- 2 old teak out-door chairs with 'hammock' seats- with the totally flamboyant hibiscus range. i can see myself now- lounging out the back, mojito in hand on a sunny saturday with the little punks wheeling around me! bliss*

6 August 2010

viet nam dreaming

I am currently planning for our 'return' trip to Viet Nam. I am *so* excited. It has been 3 years since our last trip and I don't think a day has gone by in which I haven't thought about my 'soul home'. So-called because from the moment I set foot in Viet Nam, so many years ago now, it felt somewhat like a homecoming. I just "got it" and so many aspects of life there resonated with me- culturally, spiritually, physically, gastronomically (!!) & linguistically. 

For Noah in particular this will be a special time. He will get to reconnect with his beautiful family, his heritage and his culture. this time he will remember it. I think he already intuitively and instinctually remembers, but this time he will remember in a cerebral sense also. This time he will make lasting memories. For him and myself I am excited. but I am also nervous. Four-year olds can be extremely fickle and I am sure he will be entirely spoilt by his ong & ba. I hope he will not be seduced to stay. I cannot spend too much time thinking about this as it ties me in knots. I have no resolution to such a scenario. i hope it will remain a bridge uncrossed.

For now, some images taken over the years which embody my Viet Nam. Did I mention I'm excited!!??

4 August 2010

*three cheers for my persimmon pot*

having blogged not too long ago about my love for persimmon and all things persimmon...imagine my joy at discovering the most sweet little vintage persimmon pot!!

on this same day I also hauled home a gorgeous handpainted little plate (perfect for beside the sink when I take off my rings), some beautiful vintage cake pans and some mint condition vintage fabric. not to mention a very old world globe- soon to become a light fitting for the little punks room ;-)

***some days the gods are just with you***

a few new designs...

have been sending the singer on a ride and thought i'd share a few new creations. Once they are labeled they will be sent to my store xx
'Edelweiss' a-line skirt
'Lime Tree Arbour' boardies
'Yellow Submarine' boardies
'Purple Haze' boardies
'Asian Vibes' a-line skirt
'I'm No Angel' slip skirt
'Rainbow High' culottes
'Lilac Wine' a-line skirt

a little cause for celebration *yay*

i have been spotted on Handmade Cooperative...look at my bobble featured in The Sensational Six - Vintage Blue