30 August 2010

orange + tangerine + persimmon + rust= HOORAY!

everywhere i look i'm seeing orange at the moment. is it just me?
i'm not one to dwell on fashion week & the like, as i don't follow 'trends', but the good news for fellow orange lovers is that shades of persimmon, tangerine & rust are popping up all over the place.
just quietly celebrating ;-)
to me, orange is so reminiscent of autumn, the 70s, persimmon (!), pumpkin, calendulas, ochre, sunshine & warmth. all things i love.
the bad news is that every tween far & wide well be adding orange flourishes to their wardrobe. this is bound to have a negative effect...could it be possible to have an orange-overload? it is quite likely i will shun my orange this spring & wait until it is totally uncool again. i will however be lapping up all the loveliness while it lasts. it is not often orange gets a real look in!xx

1 comment:

Tracey said...

Orange really is a colour that suits you. Your brooches scream of your precious, little touch and quirky taste. Love them! Love the fabric and delicate detail of the sewn buttons. Nice work!
Hop xo