31 August 2010

Spring in the air is putting a spring in my step!

wow-wee sydney siders! what an amazing taste of Spring!
the magnolias are magnificent, the air is warm and the trees are showing those first little signs of regeneration- in that amazing shade of eye-popping green! with all the gorgeous spring blooms in the air, I have made a good start with some projects long overdue. my outdoor, loungey chairs (sad little roadside finds) have been given a new burst of life courtesy of some amazing 'red chrysanthemum' Mexican oil-cloth! on the Mexican theme, I have gone completely OTT Frida Kahlo style with my outdoor Mex- bunting too! At $1 a pop for 3 offcuts, it was just begging for a new life;-)
 also on the agenda... handmade brooches. i have been busy hand-crafting some new pieces, though I must say that many find their way onto my jacket, thus bypassing the shop! in this weather, brooches are the perfect way to add a burst of colour to a light jacket or cardi- SO needed as the temperature plummets when the sun nods off.

i hope you enjoy the visuals to my lovely spring day (thus far). I have orders to fill & children to pick up. the race against the clock continues... if I'm lucky & the weather holds, perhaps my husband & I will christen the chairs with a mojito ;-)

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