27 August 2010

sweating the small stuff!

didn't someone write a book titled something like 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff'? yeah, I know...if I was truly interested I would google it. alas I am not. this is because I am LOATHING the small stuff at present.
all the washing to be done in a day! and good golly i am sick of socks & smalls. when there are five people in a house there are LOADS of socks and smalls. to add to my woes, 3 of those 5 are little ones making their smalls and socks even smaller & even fiddlier & very, very constant! this is not to mention all the little strays we seem to have at present- so many sad, lonely little socks widowed of their life partners.
then... there is cutlery. i am utterly tired of cutlery: teaspoons, dessert spoons, soup spoons, serving spoons, big forks, little forks, lovely silver dessert forks, butter knives, serrated knives, chopsticks....... AAAAAGH:-( I feel a bit guilty complaining here, as we do possess a dishwasher, but I am desperately sick of loading & unloading the cutlery drawer. for those dear people handwashing all these silvery irritations, I take my hat off to you.
LEGO. I love you so. I do. I will gladly sit & create when begged to play. I choose you over cars or playdough or trains anyday. BUT... why o why so many tiny finnickity little pieces? Why o why are you so hard to spot? How is it one stray piece can prevent an entire creation? How can such a little 'one-square' cause such a catastrophic melt-down? Why are you so infinitely palatable to toddlers?
Are you with me? Do you have any little grievances in your life!?


Tracey said...

Do not tell me Noah is going to school next year? He is still that little, wee one we met by the riverside at Taree, for coffee all those years ago !!!!!!!!!! He simply cannot be venturing off to school next year?!!

I loooooove your honesty and I love this post. With girls too, I also have a grievance about the pint sized dimensions of girl toys! Paul and I stand on an attachment from Polly Pocket, like one of her tiny hand bags, or her phone or a helmet (none of which are any larger than half of Lily's pinky) and we will go down like we stood on a land mine.

Lost socks are also a problem. We have a big ball of lost socks, intertwined in a bunch, in Lily's room.

Housework never ends. I had a blah today. Lily and I did nothing, hence the bomb that is our home today. Some days I think why bother, it will all just unravel again.

Totally hearing you x o Please tell me Noah is not going to school? That old, mate should still be in nappies!!!

Caroline, they are growing too fast!

Tracey said...

Yes, I despise washing up the endless cutlery - small and fiddly indeed. I don't mind washing up dinner plates, more satisfaction, less annoying than cutlery.

Hop xo

pop chomsky said...

yes indeedy-do Hop, the wee one will commence 'service' next year. it has been a really tough decision & i feel quite sad about it in a way. i just felt that the worst situation for Noah at school would be boredom. with his character & inquisitive nature I think a challenge is a better prospect.
congrats on your news. i am SO SO happy xxx