16 September 2010

angry little appliances :-Z

in my house i feel like the 'angry little appliances' are taking over sometimes. I don't wake to an alarm these days- my little punks have taken their place- i do however have a particularly nasty & persistent dishwasher which bleeps at me when I turn it on, when I turn it off, when I open the door *before* turning it off and also the "helpful' series of high-pitched bleeps to let me know when it has completed its mission. what a needy angry little appliance.

my clothes washer is also an angry little customer. when it is switched on (usually several times daily) it beeps & flashes. it beeps as you choose the washing cycle. it beeps as you start the cycle. & it beeps for around 10 consecutive beeps when the cycle ends- especially irritating when sensitive souls are napping. my least favourite beep combination though is the alarm it sounds when you have not shut the door properly. ding-dong-ding-dong-ding-dong which can be roughly translated as 'you weak-armed- fool, the door is ajar and I will not begin my work until it is rectified. remedy immediately!!!'

when buying our latest fridge around a year or so ago, i remember thinking to myself: 'what a good feature to have an alarm to alert you the door has not sealed- so terribly frustrating!' well, let me tell you- we have had words, the fridge and I, as I unload endless bags of groceries with the fridge and the kids badgering me with their various badgering voices. the melt-downs & the bleeps seem to reach fever-pitch simultaneously. what is it about the pitch of these angry little fellows that strikes directly at those cortisol hormones? nothing seems to incite stress more efficiently or effectively.

do NOT even get me started on car alarms, smoke alarms, computer alerts and the like. does everyone in modern life subject themselves to these angry little appliances? are you being heckled by the electronics in your life too?

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Tracey said...

Dear, gorgeous one - I have replied to all of your old posts below so please re-visit your comments boxes of the past few posts! A delightful parcel arrived in the mail from you today and I have replied at length in posts below! I have been moving the t & p around our home and been setting it up against various walls to determine where I will hang the piece when I frame it. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!

In regard to your angry appliances post, which I relished, I agree! These apparati are taking over our lives!

I know you will agree with me here, but the other day I had meetings all day and atleast 3 people pulled out their i phones to writes messages or reminders for themselves to remember things said at the meeting. These things beeped when they entered their stuff, being very off putting in the meeting. Whatever happened to the good old pad and paper documentation. You know silently, scribbling down a reminder in your day planner or funky coloured note pad or grovvy, little dossier?
People are ruled by their equipment! Excellent post.
Hop xo