10 September 2010

johhny cash- my new religion

been sewing & listening to music today. it has been a great selection. the sundays kicked off the day with their gorgeous, full, whimsical tunes. next i got funky whilst sewing boardies to the blue hawaiians (fitting huh!?). some wild psychadelics & paisleys whirred happily through the singer!
currently Johnny Cash is filling my home with his amazing voice & 'modern hymns'. so emotional & soulful is his voice that i actually found myself crying. it obviously touched me on a deep level (either that or i'm premenstrual (!)- i've certainly listened to him many times before;-) and loved him, but today I played & replayed this track 2:
I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real
The needle tears a hole
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt 
Originally by Nine Inch Nails, Cash's version is so much more emotional and real and raw. It also seems to resonate with his life. What an incredible character. So full of life & sin. So full of happiness & regret. So full of love & guilt. It was a religious experience, sat in my crafty introversion. And it dawned on me- these are my hymns. Johhny Cash is my new religion. With his poignant voice & insightful explorations into humanity he is worthy of adulation.


Tracey said...

Well oh my goodness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just opened a gift from you in the mail and I feel so special and so lucky to have such an amazingly considerate, thoughtful, clever, talented, patient friend! I shook my head in amazement (in fact I still am) marvelling at the detail and thought put into positioning the letters t & p on paper that clearly indicates our special land marks of Blueys, Long Jetty and good, old Wingham - by the way Paul and I both cracked up laughing at your "sly dogs in a seedy country town comment!!!!" We were sprung like big, hairy beavers on that day! I am getting this piece of art framed for our home. Paul is at touch football, I cannot wait to show him.

I went on to read the most gorgeous 'Caroline comment' in the card, that brought me to tears. You have always protected and cared for me Caroline and I feel a real sense of connection and admiration of you. Your comments about Paul and I are so loving. I am so blessed to know you. I love your hand writing, that I recognise as yours immediately - that is the sign of a true and real friend. I see your little beavering hand writing it as I look at it - you are character! An image of you just popped into my head of Mrs Stone/Fatherley asking us all to read a passage out of a book at school! I can see you reading like a beaver! Time seems to stand still for some memories.

Incidentally, the hair bobbles you sent have your touch, your flair, your colour, your passion sewn into them - they are so you and I will be proud to wear them to school and tell all and sundry that my artist friend Caroline made them for me! I suspect Lily and I will fight over them - she has been told they are very special.

Lily is eagerly anticipating your little cherubs' train trip up to the Central Coast in the holidays. Lily has been recommending foods that the boys and Harriet might like to eat when they come for lunch! She keeps saying "Italian would be nice Mum!" ???? The character does like to host little events! She will set a table for the characters. I do hope you come up, she will blow up if the little rendevouz doesn't take place!

Please look backwards at you other posts I have looked thru each of them and commented.

Still baffled as to how you managed to sew the orange thread onto the paper?! I would get the Hopykins look, the furrowed brow and lose my patience with the whole effect! Paul would have to take over as smoke came out my ears and try to salvage some remnant of the operation! You are a patient, calm, placcid and determined character - a touch of Spencer?

I am in awe of these beautiful treasures. I love you so much Caroline. Thank you for sharing in our joy. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL X O

Tracey said...

Ah Johnny Cash - great post. Paul really introduced me to his music and now I am hooked. His version of the nine inch nails song is so strong, you are right to cry when hearing it, it is so powerful and full on. Writing the lyrics down took me straight to the sound of the music as it thumps out with emotion. Johhny Cash - what a legend. We went and saw Tex Perkins play as Johnny Cash at the opera house not long ago. I got tickets for Paul's bday. It was extraordinary to hear the song you mentioned played live. Tex was Johhny reincarnate. My Dad would have loved the show. Trude came with us too. Very good post xo
Hop x o

pop chomsky said...

darling girl...so glad you liked it & got it. i did intend to sew a little cover for it...but in the end I decided that i needed to get it in the post! tardiness is a big negative in my life. i STILL have a xmas card- i kid u not- sitting in my document file on the kitchen bench. i actually meant to put that in the parcel too- like a little time capsule- still sealed in its envelope ;-) Sadly I forgot. I do hope i remember it when we come to visit x

pwd said...

jc is the new jc. I just listened to his duets album with june carter-cash and it was all an education in itself.