7 September 2010

multi-tasking = multi-failing?

multi-tasking- love it? hate it? as women (and especially as mothers) we all do it.

i am a huge multi-tasker. focusing on one thing at once just seems to be such a waste of time & a massive loss of opportunity. or is it? having encountered several multi-tasking breakdowns lately, it has caused me to pause & reconsider the worthiness of such endeavours.

yesterday for instance, whilst in the throes of the witching hour i was simultaneously feeding the kids, cleaning the house, cooking our dinner, folding washing and sorting fabrics... when a sudden turn in my tracks caused a knee strain which should only really be sustained by pro-tennis players. NOT by silly mummies trying to do too many things at once.

earlier in the week i encountered multi-tasking failure when i attempted to sew a button back onto a dress whilst wearing said dress. big FAT FAIL!!! yeah, i got it done, but it was hardly the stroke of multi-tasking genius i had imagined. it would have been far simpler & less frustrating- not to mention *quicker* had i just taken the dress off :-(

and today, the multi-tasking demon struck a third time when after lingering too long in a fabric store i decided to kill the proverbial 'two birds' by eating a steak & mushroom pie on the return route. i could get home & get straight into sewing without having to worry about making & eating lunch! 'brilliant- that'd save loads of time'. well *NO* it didn't. the diversion into our local baker caused me to forget i'd actually ridden my bike to the train station. i didn't remember until i was halfway home with a burnt tongue & pastry crumbs down my front.

multi-tasking seems to have been failing me of late. but does it in fact always fail? could it be true that by spreading oneself across tasks simultaneously nothing gets done satisfactorily? time to revisit 'buddhism for mothers'- what was it she says about focusing? living & experiencing things completely?

do you multi-task? good tool or poor substitute for the time-poor?


Ruby Mae Chaplin & Matilda Rose Chaplin said...

What a brilliant post and so true too, I am sorry to say that whilst you have suffered this, I on the other hand haven't stopped laughing. Very funny my dear.

pop chomsky said...

ha ha! you could-a shared some similar aecdotes- or is it truly just me who does such stoopid things? ;-)

Tracey said...

Lol - lately I have been doing the most stupid things because my mind is so often (unfortunately) elsewhere. Often I am at home thinking about work. The other morning I was pottering around, no running around before school, trying to get Lily ready, trying to have my own breakfast, whilst drawing up in my head the children I need to separate amongst 5 kindy classes for next year. I was standing by the microwave heating up my coffee (which had turned cold) and then I realised I had my cold, coffeee in my hand, sipping it?! "God I'm an idiot!" I yelled out to Paul as I noticed that it was in fact my blueberry smoothie that was being torched and was spinning around on the turnstyle in the microwave! There is proof in your statement that multi-tasking in fact slows us down and creates more havoc! By the time the smoothie had cooled down in the freezer, i had to leave for work and didn't get to partake in it!Hop xo

pop chomsky said...

Hop- I CRACKED up about your dear toasted smoothie!!! And I so understood the cold coffee- I sometimes have to reheat mine 3 or 4 times before it makes its way down my throat ;-)