17 September 2010

vietnam dreaming.... {again}

less than 2 months til we go. images of viet nam never far from my mind. a couple of oldies here which made it through the devastating theft:
*left: village men rebuilding a traditional communal house in the central highlands. the tallest bamboo is sought and used whilst still green to allow flexibility for creating the steeply pitched roof.
*right: a tiny orphan- many ethnic minority women die in child-birth leaving husbands without the means or the ability to raise a large clan. i spent half a day at this orphanage, playing with attention-starved kids. we sang & played games. i gave them piggy-back rides & cuddles. i adore this image.
these two photos are from much later in my stay. this is on the street in ha noi where i used to work- when I did my stint as a manager for a tour company(!) I used to see this lovely bird-keeper every day on my stroll to work. he was always so attentive to his trusting feathered friends.
absolutely, gorgeously fresh produce being collected in tam dao- a tiny mountain village around an hour from ha noi. this lady worked methodically, yet fluidly, deftly picking the lush greens.
my beautiful, inquisitive boy eyeing some market-bound chickens- as they eye him!.
an sang. qua chuoi hoac la pho bo? ngon oi la ngon!
gorgeous aged patinas and crumbling walls. viet nam you are a divine, photogenic soul with abundant grace and overwhelming beauty. i cannot wait until we meet again.

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Tracey said...

I want to take home your, little orphan baby - that sad and forlorn face.

How about a playdate/lunch/train trip up here on the Thursday of the 2nd week of the holidays?

Hop xo